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Free 3D QR Code Generator

What is a 3D QR Code?

A 3D QR Code is a QR code that can be used for 3D modeling and 3D printing.

Why would I use a 3D QR Code?

When you are designing or creating a 3D model / product, and you want to incorporate a QR Code, then this is a good starting point.

Is it really free?

Indeed, you can download the 3D QR Code and use it in any project you want totally for free.

My 3D QR Code is not rendering correctly

The original QR codes are 2D. How we create a 3D object is by stretching the black part of the QR code out. So try to use the original black/white colors for the best result. We are currently working on making the other colors also work.

Which 3D formats do you provide support for, and what is the difference?

We support the formats STL, 3MF and OBJ.

  • STL files lack color information and details about unit size. Some software attempts to incorporate color information unofficially, which might not be compatible across all platforms. Additionally, due to their data formatting, STL files tend to be larger compared to other formats.

  • 3MF files encompass color information and unit size, and they typically have a smaller file size compared to STL files. Certain 3D printer software can autonomously identify color shifts and seamlessly incorporate filament changes. While our current support is limited to black and white, we have plans to include additional color options in the future.

  • OBJ files are similar to 3MF files. We do support full color on the OBJ files, but it requires 2 additional files. The MTL file and the texture (PNG in our case). Therefore, when you download the OBJ file, you will receive a .ZIP file containing these.

3MF QR Code example