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About Dynamic QR codes

How do Dynamic QR Codes work?

For our Dynamic QR codes we use the domain A Dynamic QR Code URL looks something like When a user scan’s the QR code, our server will collect some metadata, and redirect the user to the URL that you have configured. This all happens almost instantly. Our servers are very fast, to provide the best end-user experience.

Under construction

Due to that our website is still under construction, we give each account an early-bird license totally for free. This license has 10 free Dynamic QR Codes, and a scan limit of 10.000. We will reset this limit if you contact our support on until the dynamic feature is complete. All created Dynamic QR Codes will keep working during and after the changes. We thank you for putting your trust in us.

How can this all be for free?

We are a small team with proven experience in the cloud/security sector. We put a lot of effort in creating a secure and robust backend, but less in the design of the website design itself. We do this to keep the cost low. We also plan to add paid features such as white-label, api usage, better plan’s in the future. But the early-bird license will stay what it is for free.

Frequent asked questions

Are the Dynamic QR codes really for free?

Yes! If you create an account, you will get 10 free Dynamic QR codes. And 10.000 scan's yearly.

How can I change the layout of my Dynamic QR codes?

By pressing "Edit Layout" of the Dynamic QR code, you will be taken to a page where you can edit the QR code. Changes are automatically saved.

How can I change the URL of my Dynamic QR codes?

In the overview, change the URL of the QR code you want to change, and press "Update URL". From now on every scan will take the user to the new URL.

Can I create more than 10 Dynamic QR codes?

For now we have a limit for 10 QR codes, but if you have a use case which require more Dynamic QR codes, please contact

What happens if a scan limit of 10.000 has been reached?

For now we don't enforce the 10.000 limit, and the Dynamic QR codes will keep work as usual.

I have a usecase that is not possible with the current features

Please contact us on, so we can discuss the possibilities.