Multiple QR code generation

A .csv file with 'qrcode_filename' as the first column, and 'text' as the second column. See below for the templates.

Download as:

Getting started

Free Bulk QR code generation

Generate QR Codes in bulk. Create up to 50 QR codes at a time, And when you create a free account, this limit is increased to 200 QR codes. All totally for free.

How it works

Each line that is not empty will become a QR Code in the specified format. The names of the QR codes will be numbered in order of the list. When download is pressed, a ZIP file is generated containing all the QR codes.

Need different features?

If you want to submit a .csv file, or need a higher limit, contact us on, and we see what we can do.


How can I use QR code creation in a bulk mode?

Bulk QR code creation lets you create multiple QR codes at once. This can be handy if you need to create a lot of QR codes. There is also an API, but this is currently not accessibly. This will be available in the future.

How to generate multiple QR Codes with ease

We make it easy to generate several QR Codes using a .csv file. We supports different types like text, URL, vCard, email, phone, and SMS QR Codes. To get started, download the template below. Keep the first line as it is and just add new rows. Each row will create a separate QR Code.